Fate and Freewill Press Release

New Riverside art space announces exhibition

Fate and Freewill


Contemporary Art Space announces Fate and Freewill, an exhibition of UK and USA artists, with text written by Martin Holman. Private View opening October 17, 2009, 6:30 – 9:00 pm. Contemporary Art Space is a nontraditional venue for art in Riverside, CA.

This will be the second show at CAS following David Leapman’s solo show Whispering Sprinkles in September 2008. Fate and Freewill showcases young and established artists from the UK and USA: Lee Tusman, Sarah Sparkes, Hannah Schwadron, James Rielly, Danny Rolph, David Leapman, Stuart Elliot, Daniel Sturgis, and Jessica Snow. The exhibit features 4 West Coast US artists and 5 British artists in a range of media, including performance art, painting,  installation, and fabric art.

The theme of the exhibition is inspired by the eternal question of whether human action is a result of fate or freewill. From a philosophical point of view, there’s no scientific proof whether an action has been made by fate or freewill despite centuries of dispute by philosophers and religious scholars. The artists in the exhibit explore this duality and begin to ponder the implications of the question.

Fate and Freewill opens October 17 and remains open by appointment until November 14. For more information on the exhibit and artists, visit https://27petalthinkers.wordpress.com

For more information, contact Artist and Curator David Leapman.

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