View from the edge of the soul Artists

Exploration#21(Beyond Knowing)2014,acrylic on canvas,36x27in,

Roni Feldman
Age of Exploration #21 (Beyond Knowing) 2014
acrylic on canvas
36 x27 inches


Vincent Hawkins
Beneath The Start
gouache on paper
14 3/4×11 inches


Christopher Kuhn
Way Out West 2014
Oil on Linen
50×34 inches

LeapmanHalf-seen rubbing2000-2015 acrylic on linen10 3:4x14in

David Leapman
Half seen rubbing 2000-2015
acrylic on linen
10 3/4×14 inches


Heather Gwen Martin

Max Presneill,Redact,052,2015,oil,acrylic and enamel on canvas,60x60in

Max Presneill
Redact 052 2015
oil acrylic and enamel on canvas
60×60 inches

Geoff Uglow

Geoff Uglow
oil on board
6×6 3/4 inches

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