Doubt Press Release

CAS is pleased to announce “Doubt”

Contemporary Art Space announces DOUBT, an exhibition of UK and USA
artists, Private View opening Monday October 8th, 6 – 9 pm.

Contemporary Art Space is a nontraditional venue for art in Riverside CA.

DOUBT showcases emerging and established artists from the USA and UK.
Marsia Alexander-Clarke (USA), Jeffrey Dennis (UK), Hanz Hancock (UK),
Vincent Hawkins (UK), Claude Heath (UK), David Leapman (USA), Nick
Lowe (USA), Bob Matthews (UK), Douglas McCulloh (USA),

Beatriz Mejia-Krumbein (USA), Patrick Morrissey (UK), Naida Osline (USA), Max Presneill (USA) Mark Schooley (USA) and Madeleine Strindberg (UK).

15 artists working in a range of media, including video, photography,
painting and drawing.

The theme of this exhibition is doubt. The artists in this show are
aware of the almost ever present effects that doubt has on the creative process. If artists adhere too rigidly to a system this may result in the taming of doubt, but also boredom for the artist. Each artist in Doubt is a doubt management expert. At one end of the spectrum Vincent Hawkins negotiates doubt by allowing the non-conscious a significant role, where as Douglas McCulloh is perhaps able to banish doubt by allowing the Internet to lead his way. McCulloh’s photo title says it all, “Google Image Search: ‘Doubt’– Any Size, No Filter.”

DOUBT opens October 8th and remains open by appointment until October 29th.

For more information on the exhibit and artists, visit

For more information, contact Artist and Curator David Leapman.

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